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US elections ‘a choice between bad & worse’

Tehran: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, calling the US election ‘a choice between bad and worse’, has slammed presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The first public remark by Hassan Rouhani on the US presidential elections came in the Arak city and was telecast on Iranian state television here on Sunday.

“Look at the way they speak, the way they allege each other and the way they mock one another,” Rouhani told the crowd.

He asked do Americans want such a democracy in their country.

It is pertinent to mention here that Iran received much attention in the US election as Trump has talked about US-led deal to scale back country’s nuclear program as ‘terrible’.

While on the other hand, Hillary Clinton defended the deal by saying that conversations lessened the threat posed by Iran. But she added that Iran continuously trying to destabilize regional governments, support terrorism and threaten Israel.

Hilary also has suggested Iran is violating United Nations Security Council (UNSC) rules with its ballistic missile program. If they are fail to agree with it or violate it, as the evidences suggest it, they should be held responsible,” Clinton added.

Donald Trump has also suggested he would shoot Iranian boats out of the water, if they made rude gestures at US ships.