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US Armed Forces Disciplined over Afghan Bombing

16 personnel of the United States military are tortured with punitive measures over the bombing of an Afghan hospital that left forty two dead, said the officers.

No criminal charges are filed, according to an unnamed official cited by the AP press agency.

The attack on the Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital occurred last Oct throughout a campaign to retake Kunduz from Taliban forces.

US Armed Forces Disciplined over Afghan Bombing

The Pentagon is anticipated to unleash a report on the investigation on Friday.

The service members, as well as some special operations personnel, received body punishments, said the reports.

A United States military inquiry had already found that the attack was “human error.”

An AC-130 gunship aircraft mistook the clinic for a nearby building that’d been confiscate by Taliban fighters.

MSF referred to the incident as a crime.

In a report MSF said that its workers communicated with the US-led forces many times throughout the attack, claiming that  they were being bombed.

It also asked for a freelance international inquiry into the bombardment.