Urgent: Chief Minister’s Relief & Rehabilitation Fund Established for Dringarh/Mastung Attack Incident

Donate, in the name of humanity.

13 July 2018 would go down as the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. The day when we lost Nawabzada Siraj Raisani, a patriotic Baloch leader, and hundreds of others to the nefarious design of anti-Pakistan forces.

The worst terrorist attack in the history of Pakistan, Mastung, has claimed the lives of 200 or more people and left hundreds of others critically injured. In this heinous attack, so many men have been blotted out from the face of the earth with mourning families left behind who got no end in sight for their tears.

It is time to be in solidarity with the families of martyred brave souls of Mastung. Those who survived are in critical need of medical and financial assistance.

In response to this worst tragedy in the history of Pakistan, Cheif Minister’s Relief and Rehabilitation Fund has been established for the victims of Mastung/Drigarh’s Terrorist Attack today, on 18 July 2018. Account numbers are given below in the following notice from the Government of Balochistan from Finance Department, for donations.

Donate to prove that we stand united as a compassionate nation in the face of worst adversities.

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