Upheaval among Guatemala prisoner leaves eight dead

An uproar at a jail in Guatemala has left no less than eight detainees dead and more than 20 harmed.

The powers said the detainees were drinking on New Year’s Eve when a battle broke out. No less than two detainees were decapitated by kindred prisoners.

Agitators set flame to sleeping pads and bedsheets and cut force in the prison.

The jail, in the port city of Puerto Barrios on the Caribbean coast, was assembled for 175 detainees yet now houses more than 900.

Road pack individuals make up the main part of Guatemala’s jail populace. Fatal pack fighting inside jail dividers is not remarkable.

Serious congestion makes it hard for gatekeepers to control the detainees – who are frequently vigorously outfitted with home-made weapons and in addition guns snuck into the prison.

The original post appeared on BBC.