Unfolding the History; the Mystery Behind the Famous “Mona Lisa”

The hidden facts behind the portrait.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the polymath of the Renaissance. He worked on different areas throughout his life. Whether it was painting, sculpting, architecture, anatomy, geology, science, maths, botany, writing and even history, he was good at every field. He belonged from the Republic of Florence, present-day Italy. His nationality was Italian. One of his famous work is the portrait of Mona Lisa, yet the most subjected to and discussed art. The lady is standing still with a taunting and clever smile on her face and wearing the traditional dress, but people have gathered so much over the time about her jeering smile and her magnificent and beautiful eyes.

Mona Lisa was the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, a rich merchant of the area, the portrait that Leonardo made was of Lisa Gherardini. The portrait that we see today is the expected portrait of Lisa, the wife of the merchant. Some people even say that Mona Lisa was Leonardo’s imagination and not a real person. According to the saints and books of priests in libraries, Lisa was a real person because the death date and day is mentioned. Nobody can mention the date of death, that means that the Mona Lisa was a real person.

Francesco was a rich merchant, he asked Leonardo to make the painting of his wife. Francesco must have paid Leonardo to make the painting. Lisa, on the other hand, was a young lady, but in painting, we see an adult woman with mature looks. After looking painting through various effects and camera lenses, it was found out that Lisa was not smiling when the painting was made and she had a stern look, but Leonardo painted her smiling. Also the lady that he painted was adult and mature. This creates the confusion that why the Mona Lisa we see today in the painting in not young.

According to a research, two paintings of Mona Lisa were painted, one was given to Francesco, the young and fresh looking Lisa and the other one is that we see today, an elderly woman with a smile and sharp eyes. Leonardo kept this painting for himself. At the time, two paintings were painted, one painting is in Singapore and one is in the Louvre Museum. And both were painted in the same time zone, thus it is expected that there were two Mona Lisa painted.

Moreover, the two paintings don’t contain the same background. One has the dull background of landscape and the other one has somewhat plants and an incomplete landscape. Through which we can suspect that Francesco may have taken the painting quite early from the Leonardo and he had still not completed it.

It is very interesting that how a painting can contain thousands of unknown facts. Before making the painting, Leonardo did study the whole science behind how the human mouth works and what is the structure of the jaw. Thus an artist made a divine piece of art that we still admire.