Undeniable facts related to arrest of Kulbashan Yadav

After the arrest of Kulbashan Yadav, Pakistani and International Community recognizes the claims against India and its hand in terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistanis are now keen to unveil the face of the actual perpetrators and how they infest terrorism in Pakistan.

What Pakistan has, by now, revealed after the arrest are the following facts:

  1. Dubai and UK are favourite hunting grounds for RAW
  2. Favoured operational methodology is traditional i.e. women and money
  3. Our corrupt are contacted, their looted money is handled in Pakistan through India and a network of launches (boats). These corrupt are paid in Dubai and/or UK.
  4. Corrupt money taken over in Pakistan is used to locally pay to their agents and groups.
  5. Women play an important role in this game. Some are used to offer free sex others get married to these people who frequently fly to Dubai. Some of our politicians have additional (Indian) wives concealed from public view prominent being late Makhdoom Amin Fahim
  6. Deep business involvement of Nawaz Sharif family is business partnership with Indian businessmen is no more a secret. Arrest of Indians working at family sugar mill and also working for RAW is now in full public view
  7. Involvement of civil society is relatively unnoticed, during lawyers’ movement in 2007, massive funds were poured in by CIA, Arabs and India. For RAW prominent journalist Barkha Dutt was doing it through locals. Large amounts were being to lawyers of all categories
  8. Funds to madrassas (who create trouble) are also provided to remain a thorn in the back (though management of madrassas unwittingly receives them)
  9. Involvement of RAW with TTP via Afghanistan is not hidden fact
  10. Involvement of media houses is now well known
  11. Sind and Baloch nationalists are a piece of cake for them
  12. Smart funding and encouragement of Sectarian organisations has always been there
  13. MQM and its leaders getting RAW support is in full public view. Ishratul ul Ibad, Imran Farooq, Javed Langra and many more, during operation CLEANUP of 1992, were all settled in UK via South Africa by RAW
  14. Our Ministry of Water and Power is riddled with well paid workers who cooperate with India on Water and Kalabagh Dam issues (our negotiator-Mr Walayat Hussain has so far escaped accountability owing to political support)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to be investigated and revealed as this is not the first time that India’s hand has been revealed in perpetrating terrorism in Pakistan.