Unbecoming news about Iran may negative impact on Iran-Pakistan ties: Iranian embassy

Islamabad: Iranian embassy in Pakistan has said that Iran was a trusted neighbour of Pakistan and spreading of unbecoming content about Iran by some section of press regarding detention of an Indian agent may have negative implications for good ties between Iran and Pakistan.

A press release issued by Iranian embassy said on Thursday that elements who were not happy over the promotion of ties between the two Islamic countries would try in various ways to fade out the significant achievements made during the visit of Iranian President Dr Hassan Rouhani to Pakistan and to undermine the flourishing ties between the two countries.

“Iran during seven decades since independence of Pakistan has always proved itself as a confident partner and neighbour and the western borders of Pakistan have never been threatened,” the press release said.

Iran considers its borders with Pakistan as borders of peace and friendship and as Dr Rouhani said in his press conference “security of Iran is security of Pakistan and security of Pakistan is security of Iran”.

“Spreading of such news items is the product of thinking which does not like further expansion of ties between the two countries and against fruitful materialization of the agreements made during the visit of the Iranian president.

We believe that the government and people of Pakistan attach special importance and value to the friendship and brotherly ties with Iran and we are well aware of importance and necessity of these relations,” it added.