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UMT student dies of heatstroke; university open in defiance of Govt. orders

LAHORE: A student of the Univeristy of Management and Technology (UMT), named Muhammad Moin Manzoor died on Monday due to heatstroke while he was in the university.

The university remained opened and also had pressurized students to attend the university for taking final examination as well as mid-term examination during the month of hot weather when the temperature is over 40 degree Celcius and month is of Ramadan.

M Moin Manzoor died while he was standing alright outside his library in university but died of the severe heat and in the condition of fasting. He lived in hostel here in Lahore while his family lives in Saudi Arabia, as told by a friend of him.

A student of UMT has also made a video and shared on social media to spread and raise voice against the university. According to details, he got faint in university library. The medical team was called but they did not show interest in coming and providing first aid to the student. The student was then taken to Jinnah Hospital but it remained useless as he died during the time.

Later, the University management or hostel wardon and staff also did not arrive in hospital to take the body or report about everything.

The university management is yet silent and no statement or apologies have been made uptill now.

Moreover, the students of UMT are annoyed on the management for taking the examination in such hot weather as well as in the hot month when students are fasting and have to avoid water in such weather.

According to students of UMT, they have been badly pressurized these days and after exams, presentation vivas are also to be conducted coming month.

When Baaghi. TV contacted the students of the Univeristy, they showed their massive outrage against the management requesting to raise their voice to the Punjab Education Board or Higher Education Commission (HEC), so that they can take serious actions against the university.

Moreover, the girls shared their problems on going to the university with fast and in such hot weather. Many students, living in hostels, expressed their helplessness as they can’t skip the examinations and can also not spend time with their families.

The situation also has taken students into stress and they have shown their serious outrage against the university.

The education board must take notice of the incident and also action against the university.