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Ufone supports “Go Nawaz Go” campaign on twitter

It is normal to like a tweet while surfing on the internet but when a big corporation like Ufone does something like that then it matters a lot. Recently someone liked a tweet on twitter from Ufone’s official account. 

Screenshot from Twiier
Screenshot from Twitter

Recently, #BoycottUfone is trending on top on twitter because someone liked the tweet in which there is a goat with the caption of “Go Nawaz Go” on twitter from the official account of Ufone.
Ufone’s officials reacted immediately on twitter and apologized for their act and ordered to check how this blunder happened?

It is not acceptable for any top organization of this country to defame their Prime minister officially in front of everyone.

Here is the look of how people reacted angrily towards this incident:

Some people ignored this top trend #BoycottUfone in this way:

However Ufone apologized for their act through this tweet: