Udaari actor Ahsan Khan pens down his thoughts about child abuse

The famous hero turned villain Ahsan Khan is currently working on a book addressing child abuse as stated in a press release.

The inspiration behind it is none other than his drama ‘Udaari’.

Udaari was one of the biggest blockbuster drama serials that went on air at Hum TV last year and managed to grab attention of hundreds and thousands of viewers. The drama catered a serious issue- child molestation which is something extremely daring to talk about. The actors cast a spell on the hearts of people with their strong acting and resulted in positive response from the audience. It was indeed an eye opener and a thought provoking subject to discuss.

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Ahsan Khan who played the role of a sexual predator in that drama serial was so moved by the topic that he has now decided to write a book on child abuse.

According to Ahsan, his role in Udaari was an extremely challenging one. He found the script too difficult to digest and it was probably the most difficult character he had decided to play in his entire life. He also explained that he has always loved children and desired to work for their wellbeing. This book is just another baby step towards their safety.

Moreover, he explained that as he studied about child abuse for his role, he discovered that the number of victims in our country were quite alarming. Another reason that compelled him to write this book was that this issue is rarely being addressed. Spreading awareness might help people understand the severity of child abuse in our surroundings.

He further revealed that his book goes with the title Coming of Age- My education in Child Sexual Abuse. The book is expected to be published in 2018. The cover page of his book would be a piece of artwork by Nisar Ahmad.

The actor also confessed that he considers writing a very difficult task and he had no plans of writing a book but Udaari forced him to change his mind. He felt a burning desire to play his role for the betterment of the community. He also added that his maid’s daughter had fallen prey to such a predator. She made him realize that he had to take a step to fight against such brutality.

Ahsan Khan also disclosed that his book consists of three sections. The first one is regarding his education and experience from Udaari.  The second section defines child abuse, categorizes it as a crime and is meant for educational purposes. The third section suggests reasons to help the victim and his family. It helps to identify child abuse, protection and recovery from such a trauma.

The book is definitely going to leave readers teary-eyed.  Ahsan khan has invited everyone to visit book tours that are scheduled for next year and help him in the welfare of mankind.