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Two RAW agents arrested from Thatta, reveals codes

Karachi: Two RAW agents arrested from Thatta coastal area.

Saddam was arrested with his accomplice Mohammad Bachal Solangi by the Counter Terrorism Department on Sunday.

According to details, Saddam have made sensational revelations, laying bare the sabotage activities being planned against Pakistan.

In a video confessional statement, he said that he was asked to provide a map of the Karachi fisheries and newspapers in Pakistan.


He also told that he was initially called Agent 226 and then Agent 201.

“When I contacted my bosses in India on the phone I had to speak in code words, such as, ‘Badey Maulvi Sahib is calling you’ and ‘Mitthai is ready, come to the wedding’,” he said.

He said during his time in Thatta, he had met Narendar, Surendar, Arjan and Karan Singh through a boat he took to the sea.

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They told that Indian officer named ‘Karan Singh’ provided the agents with mobile phones that were equipped with advanced software.

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Last month an on service RAW operative was arrested from Balochistan.

The arrested RAW agent was in touch banned organizations and has been working in Balochistan.

Kulbhushan Jadhav, who confessed to have developed an association with RAW in 2013 is an Indian navy officer who is scheduled for retirement in 2022.