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Two Pakistani-Canadian women secure winning positions in Canadian Elections ’15

Canada: The Canadian Elections that were held on Monday, 2015 reserved winning positions for two Pakistani women named  Salma Zahid and Iqra Khalid who were representing the Liberal party.

“Scarborough families tonight voted for real change. I will work hard to deliver the results they deserve”, stated Salma while addressing to the thousands of people who were gathered to celebrate her victory.

Salma Zahid is known to beat the existing Conservative representative, Roxanne James; elected in 2011. and has regained the Scarborough Centre for the Liberals.

Zahid’s campaign has mainly concentrated on infrastructure, transportation, youth employment and moving to repeal the Conservatives’ Bill C-24.

Fifteen years ago, Salma moved to Scarborough and has served as a senior adviser for the Ontario Government dealing on health care, infrastructure, citizenship and tourisml

Iqra Khalid, a Pakistani-Canadian has also succeeded in winning her position while she defeated Coservative incumbent Bob Dechert in  Mississauga-Erin-Mills. The votes were barely close to the margin but Bob lost most of the voters due to his anti-Muslim stance.

Furthermore, son of Canadian prime minister Piclose toerre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau who is a liberal leader unseated Stephen Harper’s Conservatives by winning in a wide margin and securing a winning position for his party at the federal election.

Trudeau, won the position for his intelligence and being more style than stance. He has also drawn comparisons of the Obama campaigns and Kennedy dynasty.