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Two militants killed, 10 held in Quetta  


Quetta: At least two suspects have been killed in an exchange of fire after they allegedly opened fire on a police mobile in Quetta on Sunday.

The suspects attacked a police mobile near Bhusa Mandi, that was patrolling in the area. The police personnel retaliated and killed both the suspects.

The bodies were shifted to a local hospital. The identity of the suspects could not be ascertained immediately.

Meanwhile, the police in another separate raid have arrested at least 10 suspected militants during a search operation in different vicinities of Quetta city on Sunday.

Moreover, the police also recovered weapons and ammunition from their possession. The suspected militants have been shifted to an undisclosed location for further interrogation.

Chief Minister of Balochistan Sana Ullah Zahri has claimed that India is behind the unrest of Balochistan as more than 70 people died in civil hospital blast.

Additionally, Barhumdagh Bugti is openly asking India for assistance in separation of Balochistan from Pakistan. So the largest province of Pakistan is facing the troubles from both sides, internal and external.