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Twitter takes significant action against abusive content

After observing the gradually increasing hatred feelings of social media users who have opposite opinions on any issue, general or specific, Twitter has introduced a function to report multiple tweets in one time.

Twitter added the tool to report multiple abusive tweets at one time. Moreover, it is to accelerate reporting process for those who have been suffering over the abusive tweets.

Twitter has improved its anti-harassment tools by introducing the reporting of multiple tweets.

Twitter’s safety engineers, Hao Tang said, “We want everyone on Twitter to feel safe expressing themselves. Behaviour that crosses the line into abuse is against our rules and we want it to be easy for you to report it to us,” adding, “This update makes it easier for you to provide us with more information about the extent of abuse and reduces the time it takes to do so. That added context often helps us investigate issues and get them resolved faster.”

The update will be rolled out in the couple of days for all the users.

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