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Turkish troops arrive in Doha for joint military exercise

The Qatari Defence Minister announced the arrival of the first batch of Turkish soldiers in Doha. Turkey and Qatar will take part in a joint military exercise.

On Sunday the two forces conducted their meeting a the Tariq Bin Ziyad military base.

The ministries remarked that the exercise that will be conducted was long planned on mutual agreement. The aim of these exercises is the strengthen the defense capabilities of both countries and to increase the efforts to fight against the militant groups.

After Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries cut ties with Qatar and accused it of supporting terrorist organizations. These drills are a response to the alligations made.

Also early this month, Turkey speedily approved a contract allowing Qatar to deploy troops in a Turkish military base in the Gulf.

Turkey has been Qatar’s most valued ally in these desperate times. However, Ankara is also trying to reach a solution between the two states.