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Turkey to Readmit Further Migrants from Greece

Turkey is prepared to take additional 200 migrants who are deported from the Greek islands on Wednesday as it presses ahead with a disputed European Union deal that intend to close down the main route for the illegal migration into Europe, said a senior govt.

A 1st group of 202 migrants who were mostly Afghan & Pakistani, were transported back to Turkey on Monday under an agreement that will see that Ankara take back all the migrants & refugees who cross Aegean to arrive Greece illegally.

In return, EU will take in thousands of the Syrian refugees directly from Turkey & reward it with visa-free travel, money, and the progress in EU membership negotiations.

“This arrangement will prevent Aegean Sea being turned into a cemetery for the migrants,” said Ahmet Davutoglu, the Turkish PM in parliament of deal meant to deter the migrants from trying unsafe illegal sea crossings.

Refugee agencies and human rights campaigners, who have cast it as inhumane, questioned its legality, have criticized the pact & had argued that Turkey isn’t a safe country for the refugees.

Numerous dozen migrants those who’ve being detained at holding camp on Greek island of Lesbos objected behind the hooked wire fence of compound on Tuesday, while yelling “We want freedom!”

On Monday, the 1st group of the returnees from Greece were transported from Lesbos & Chios to the Turkey’s Aegean coastal town of Dikili. They’re then taken in the buses escorted by the gendarmes to “reception and removal” center in fenced compound in town of Kirklareli from where most of them are likely to be sent back to their home countries.

“We’ll take in people through Dikili again tomorrow. We’ll take in around 200 irregular migrants,” said a Turkish Official.

However, some European politicians along with some Rights groups have dared the validity of the deal, enquiring whether Turkey has adequate safeguards in place to defend the rights of the refugees & whether the country should be considered harmless for them.