Tsunami Warning Issued after Gulf of Alaska Earthquake

A powerful earthquake off Alaska’s Kodiak Island has prompted a tsunami warning for a large swath of coastal Alaska and Canada’s British Columbia while the remainder of the US West Coast was under watch.

The quake was recorded about 250km southeast of Kodiak Island early on Tuesday morning.

Warnings from the National Weather Service sent to mobile phones in Alaska warned: “Emergency Alert. Tsunami danger on the coast. Go to high ground or move inland.”

Kodiak officials warned residents to evacuate if they lived in low-lying areas and tsunami sirens were used to notify the public.

As many people left their homes to move inland, several schools were opened to serve as shelters.

Radio stations in Kodiak cited witnesses saying that water was receding in several places around the island.

People reported on social media that the quake was felt hundreds of kilometers away, in Anchorage.

Reports said a data buoy in the affected area briefly reported a 9.7 meter water rise shortly after the earthquake hit, but other reports predicted waves of no more than 30 centimeters above tide level.