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Trump terms honor killing a horrible practice

Ohio, August 17 (Online): Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has termed honor killing a horrible practice, that has also reached their society.

While addressing a major policy speech in Ohio, Trump said that “This includes speaking out against the horrible practice of honour killings, where women are murdered by their relatives for dressing, marrying or acting in a way that violates fundamentalist teachings. Over 1,000 Pakistani girls are estimated to be the victims of honour killings by their relatives each year,” he said.

“Recently a prominent Pakistani social media star was strangled to death by her brother on the charge of dishonouring the family. In his confession, the brother took pride in the murder and said,” Girls are born to stay home and follow traditions.” Shockingly, this is a tradition that has reached our own shores,” Trump said.

He said that if elected, his administration would be a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers and will amplify their voices. “Our administration would be a friend to all moderate Muslim reformers in the Middle East and will amplify their voices,” Trump said in a major policy speech in Ohio

“On such cases, and many, many cases have happened -where one involves an Iraqi immigrant who was sentenced to 34 years in jail for running over his own daughter, claiming she had been too Westernised,” Trump said.

Trump said ideological warfare would be very important part of his administration’s policy to defeat radical Islam.