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Trump Stumbles on Abortion Stance

Trump covered off a week of the controversy about his opinions on abortion by throwing his position into a blender, saying that abortion is murder but the laws regulating abortion shouldn’t be changed. In an expectable fashion, his team then had to back pedal on the remarks.

Donald Trump this week had ignited a fire storm during a MSNBC town hall when he said that abortion should be banned, and women who’ve the procedure should be punished.

However, Trump rapidly back pedaled, saying that while he believes that abortion should be banned, it should be persons who administer it should be punished instead.

On Friday, Donald Trump, who bills himself as a pro-life, had told John Dickerson of CBS News something entirely different.

Asked how he’d change the laws governing abortion, Donald Trump said that “the laws are set now on abortion and that is the way they are going to remain until they are changed.”

I would have preferred states’ rights,” added Trump. “I think it would have been better if it were up to the states. But right now, the laws are set… And I think we’ve to leave it that way.”

He also admitted that abortion is murder.


Abortion was made authorized nationwide in Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade ruling of 1973. Though the efforts to change the state abortion laws are now well under way.

The Republican-led state legislatures across country are chipping away at women’s right to choose by making the abortion access more difficult.

Donald Trump’s stance on abortion is yet another concern on which his policies seem dispersed. During a CNN town hall on early Tuesday, Donald Trump said that education is one of the most vital roles of the federal govt., which conflicts with his calls to abolish the Department of Education.

Donald Trump has also taken confusing if not outright contradictory positions on torture, nuclear proliferation, immigration & gun control.