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Trump Insulted the Saudi Crown Prince Again; Bin Salman Has Lice!!!

US President Donald Trump, after visiting the Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin Salman last month, told White House staff members that he might have lice.

According to the Al-Ahad news site, in his 100th visit with the French president, Emmanuel Macron, on Tuesday, Trump repeated his demands from the Gulf states, saying, “We have spent seven trillion dollars in the Middle East and have not achieved anything. There are rich countries there. We have to make them to send troops to Syria in order to bring our troops home.”

Trump is well aware that Bin Salman has put all his eggs in his basket and has no other choice but to please him, and thus has no fear of deliberately insulting him. He has used the verb “milking” about Saudi Arabia over and over again on the media and compared the country to a cow that needs to be milked.

According to a White House source, after visiting Bin Salman last month, Trump had asked the staff to check the chairs, or anything that Bin Salman has touched or sat on, for “lice” and clean them properly!

Trump said that about a man who described the US president as his “friend” at the meeting.

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