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Trump Has an Ace to Play Against the Fox News

When Donald Trump – the Republican presidential candidate had launched a movement against the Fox News and Megyn Kelly – its star anchor – last summer, several political insiders saw the change as the beginning of end of Donald Trump’s upstart campaign.

Why would anyone who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination outbreak a network that reaches vast bands of Republican chief electorate?

1 answer is that Donald Trump was fuming at Megyn Kelly & Fox News after she had asked him a hard-hitting question during the Republican presidential debate in Aug.

However, on Sunday in a newly printed article in the New York Magazine, the author & the journalist Gabriel Sherman disclosed how Donald Trump came to own the ultra-insider info about the Fox News and Roger Ailes. its founder, that could be harmful if it were ever to be made unrestricted.

It is this advantage, writes Sherman that has discouraged Fox News so far from launching an all-out war on Donald Trump.

Underneath is an excerpt from Sherman’s piece:


Sherman’s reporting may also assist to elaborate that why Donald Trump was so keen to drop out of the major Fox News debate in Iowa, a few months ago, a decision that might have shambled the campaign of a distinctive GOP candidate.

Donald Trump in March had participated in a Fox News debate in Detroit, where he blatantly violated the debate directions by checking with his campaign manager during a commercial break. Fox didn’t penalize the Donald Trump campaign.

Fox News claimed that the consultation had happened quickly & the other campaign managers were permitted on stage too once they realized that what was going on.

A representative for the Donald Trump campaign declined to give her remarks on the  Sherman’s report.