Trump Campaign Manager Charged With Battery

On Tuesday, Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager was charged with battery succeeding an incident in which he ostensibly grabbed a reporter named Michelle Fields, at campaign event.

On Tuesday, Corey Lewandowski turned himself in to the police in Jupiter, Florida, and was charged with the misdemeanor battery.

Donald Trump & Corey Lewandowski have repeatedly denied that Lewandowski had grabbed the reporter. Corey Lewandowski also called Ms. Fields “delusional.”

Michelle Fields revealed a photo of her arm with series of bruises, with a newly video footage appears to show Lewandowski reaching over & roughly grabbing Michelle Fields and throwing her off-balance at the Jupiter event.

The video advocates that Corey Lewandowski was lying when he’d attacked Ms. Fields’ credibility & had accused her of seeking the attention. Donald Trump himself has popularized this tactic, through the personal & vicious attacks on the journalists like Jorge Ramos & Megyn Kelly.

Michelle Fields resigned from her job at Breitbart News shortly after incident, because she claimed that the news outlet had failed to publicly stand by her.

2 defense lawyers will represent Lewandowski. One of them is Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. attorney who was in 1996 was forced to quit that post after he was accused of biting a stripper in Miami.

At various points of this campaign cycle, Donald Trump offered to pay the legal bills of the supporters who attack protesters, but it was vague whether Trump will pay to defend Corey Lewandowski against battery charges.

Donald Trump on Tuesday tweeted that Corey Lewandowski was “a very decent man.’’

He also said that there is “nothing” on tape that shows him actually confronting Michelle Fields, which is a claim that the video itself appears to contradict.

A representative for Senator Ted Cruz, who is one of Donald Trump’s rivals for GOP presidential nomination, replied to the charges telling the reporters: “This’s what we’ve come to expect from the Donald Trump team. Unfortunately, this abusive behaviour seems to be part of the culture of the Donald Trump campaign.”

The charges represent the latest chapter in presidential campaign that has been patent by unprecedented incidents of violence.