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Trump begins overhaul as first executive orders signed

Washington: Donald Trump, while taking his first step as the new US president, has ordered his officials to make Obamacare-imposed economic burden easy for Americans.

It is pertinent to mention here that in yesterday’s address, Mr president pledged to bring back American wealth, American labor and American money.

He went on to say that he will put ‘America first’ as his top priority.

Moreover, he vowed to end American carnage of abandoned factories adding that he is not going to impose American lifestyle on other nations.

Separately, as many as 200,000 people are going to join Women’s March in Washington while during inauguration of Donald Trump, many people also protested over Washington streets saying they don’t accept Trump as president.

As the new president has signed the policy, the organizers of the Women’s March said that they are protesting because they are feelings that racial, gender equality and other such issues are facing threats under Trump’s administration.

Similar marches are already taking place in Australia and New Zealand and many others are planned around the world, as the BBC reported.

Barbara Plett-Usher, the BBC Washington correspondent, said: “Mr Trump has vowed to do what he can immediately using executive action, chalking up early victories before he has to turn to the grinding work of getting bills through Congress. His team quickly overhauled the White House website to include his pledge to roll back Barack Obama’s strategy on climate change.”

It is noteworthy here that soon after his inauguration, Trump sent his cabinet nominations to the Senate for approval, and appealed Senate to allow retired General James Mattis to serve as defense secretary.