Trump Admirer Jailed Over Plot to Bomb Muslims

A California man was charged for possessing an explosive device & threatening to kill Muslims will be spend 90 days in jail & serve 3 years probation after accepting a plea deal. 

It is reported that a 55-year-old William Celli, who is an admirer of Donald Trump, last week pleaded guilty to a charge that he has attempted to violate free exercise of civil rights. In exchange for his remorseful plea, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office dropped a charge of making the criminal threats as hate crime.

William Celli was arrested on 20th Dec, 2015, days after he yelled “I am going to kill you all!” outside the Islamic Society of the West Contra Costa County. After the police got a tip that William Celli was building the home-made explosives with intent of targeting the local Muslims, they implemented a search warrant at his home.

In his home they found a doubtful device and detonated it.

William Celli, who is a self-employed plumber, made series of xenophobic, Islamophobic & pro Donald Trump Facebook posts in months leading to his arrest.

In 21st Oct, 2015 post, William Celli wrote that Donald Trump was a “great point man” who he’d “follow to the end of the world.”


In another post, he bewailed that he has lost 30 percent of his business to Hispanics coming to his country under false pretenses … ‘’and freeload in construction or in the blue collar sector they need to go back home let’s not talk about the welfare they suck dry.”

As part of his petition last week, The Richmond Standard reported that William Celli isn’t allowed to have an active Facebook page.

William Celli’s arrest in Dec. came amid a terrifying surge in anti-Muslim hate crimes & rhetoric after the terror attacks in Paris & San Bernardino. In the month leading his arrest, number of hate crimes against the Muslims in US tripled.

And on 8th Dec, just 2 weeks before William Celli’s arrest, Trump called for ban on all Muslims entering US.

CAIR had added in a statement that after William Celli’s arrest, Islamic Society of West Contra Costa County, like other mosques in Bay area, had stepped up security & hired more private guards.