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Trump adds $10m to his presidential campaign


Washington: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has informed here on Saturday that he is adding $10 million more to his presidential campaign as he is facing series of questions after claims he has donated $100 million of his fortune in the White House bid.

The New York real-estate tycoon announced the donation on Saturday but would not say whether he would hit the $100 million target, a number he often claims at rallies. “We’ll observe what’s needed,” Trump said.

The US media reported that he informed of the donation in a fundraising email to supporters later in the day. He added that he wanted to say thanks to all of his supporters by putting in an unprecedented 10 million dollars to this presidential campaign.

Moreover, it’s not obvious how far the $10 million infusion can benefit Donald Trump in the final stage going to be held next month.

“There’s a huge difference between $10 million in August and $10 million in the last 10 days of the campaign,” said an advertising agency president. “He’s going to be paying the highest rates of the season”, he maintained.