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True Story: Protest doesn’t mean destruction

Nauman Ali was a poor young man who had the responsibility of a mother, wife and daughter. Mother of Nauman had wrinkled face with continuous shivering in body. She wanted to work and assist his son to run house however, her deteriorating health couldn’t allow her to do so.
She worked as a tailoress when she was young and helped her husband to run home expenses.
Nauman’s wife had a great responsibility of taking care of her daughter who had a valve issue in her heart. The 7-year-old daughter, Manal Fatima had been suffering from the disease since her birth and the doctors were waiting for appropraite time. Doctors suggested a heart surgery which had the expense of at least 5, 00, 000 rupees after concession. Nauman had only passed primary school when he left education due to lack of economic stability. He never wanted to be a burden on his old-aged father. Therefore, he started working on a tea shop first and then he started selling vegetables door to door.
Years passed and Nauman had been saving money to buy a Hiace van from which he could earn better. Finally after 10 years, Nauman bought a van. He brought the car happily to home and gave a ride to his family. They had a little family picnic that day and the wide smile, bright eyes and energectic behvaior was clearly telling that Nauman was all happy today.
However, during their enjoyment, suddenly, Manal got unconscious and they took her to emergency ward in hospital.
Doctors admitted Manal and askes Nauman to arrange the amount as soon as possible so that they could start surgery.
Nauman rushed to bank to take loan. He signed a loan of around 6, 00, 000 Rupees and again took his way to hospital.
While on the way to hospital, there was calld violent protest in Karachi. The protesters were lightening up shops and vehicles on fire.
He prayed to Allah to do a miracle and let him pass the whole scene peacefully.

But, the illeterate men out to protest against their rights’ violation forgot others’ right.

They burnt the newly bought van of Nauman which also had money in it that recently Nauman got as a loan for her daughter’s operation. All was destroyed.
Nauman had no van, no money and no hope for daughter now. He approached hospital and requested doctors to carry out operation. But this mean world and live savior became the killer of his daughter. His daughter remained admitted there for three days and due to no proper treatment on time, she left the world of her parents depressed.

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[The story is real, but the names are suppositions only to hide the real names for keeping privacy of the above mentioned people.]

This is an opinion article and does not reflect’s views.