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Troops Reclaim Mukalla from al-Qaeda

Yemeni and Saudi-led coalition forces have recaptured the Yemeni port city of Mukalla, that was controlled by al-Qaeda militants for over a year.

The union said the over 798 militants were killed in 1st hours of joint operation across south of Yemen.

However, the residents of Mukalla said that there’d been a little fighting in city, with militants seemingly withdrawing.

Al-Qaeda’s local offshoot took advantage of the civil war of Yemen’s to seize the territory, money & weapons.

Over past 13 months, the coalition forces & pro-government focused purely on battling the Houthi rebels & the military units who were loyal to the former President, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to the United Nations, over 6,400 people, half of whom were civilians, have been slaughtered in this conflict, whereas nearly 2.8 million others have been banished.

The coalition command on Monday announced that the Yemeni army & UAE and Saudi special forces have launched an operation against al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsul, reported official Saudi Press Agency.

They intent was to clear the towns & cities controlled by AQAP, the most of crucial of which was Mukalla, and bring them under the control of the government.

Troops Reclaim Mukalla from al-Qaeda
The operation to retake Mukalla was preceded by Saudi-led coalition air strikes. (Image via Reuters)

Operation “resulted in its 1st hours in killing of over 800 elements of al-Qaeda & a number of their leaders & that the rest of them fled,’’ added SPA.

The Residents & the local officials said that around 2,000 Yemeni & Emirati troops progressed into Mukalla on Sunday, promptly taking the control of its airport, sea port and oil terminal and setting up the checkpoints.

The AQAP militants primarily asked the people to back them as they challenged “the invaders,” however by the nightfall they’d quietly withdrawn from city, the New York.

The militants decided to pull out of Mukalla & flee westwards towards the province of Shabwa following the mediation by Muslim clerics, said a local security official

Mukalla, that’s home to around 500,000 people, was AQAP’s stronghold in the Yemen and around 1,000 militants were established there.