Tribute to Aitezaz Hassan: Film ‘Salute’ ready to hit the big screen

Pakistan film “salute” is a tribute to Aitezaz, the boy who saved over 200 lives by preventing a terrorist attack in Hangu, Pakistan. The attack happened in on 6th January 2014 and this 6th January marked his second death anniversary. He was remembered as a hero all over Pakistan and in the same spirit, a documentary film is being made as a tribute to him.

The script of the film is written by Ismail Sagar and Shehzad Rafique. The film is made as a tribute to Aitezaz who has been the symbol of bravery and saved lives of many children. It will be releasing on 23rd March 2016 whereas the trailer of the film will be released in February, 2016.

Salute is a new Pakistani movie based on the unparalleled but perilous journey of a Pakistani martyr.

When asked about the movie salute, Shehzad stated his positive expectations adding that he was looking for a much impressive script after “Ishq khuda” movie but he got into a perplexed situation when he was to make a choice, it stayed the same until a political statement came across him from a well known political leader.

Shahzad stated that he was astonished  when he realized that how offending a a statement could be to the morale and feeling of our valiant soldiers. Shahzad stated that this is where he made a decision that he will pay a tribute to the front-line soldiers of war against terrorism in Pakistan.

Another thing to keep in check is that the movie is not going to be funded by ISPR.

Salute pays homage to the heroes who sacrificed their lives to eliminate this curse from the country. Rafique will particularly narrate Aitzaz Ahsan’s courageous story in this film. Ahsan, a student of grade nine, lost his life while preventing a suicide bomber from entering his school of 2,000 students in a village of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in January 2014.

Rafique revealed that the shooting of his upcoming film has almost been completed and the film in in post production stage. The major parts of the film were shot in Mirpur and Kotli (Azad Kashmir), during the last few days. Original locations and some characters have been used.

Rafique talked about the purpose of this film saying that the terrorists want to threaten children and parents of Pakistan, but in his film the country men reject these threats and mutually take a stand for peace in Pakistan. It will be the first biographical film of the country to focus on terrorism and it will not include any songs.

To gain in-depth insight on Ahsan’s life, Rafique had to do thorough research.

“I met the family and parents of Aitzaz just to understand the circumstances and feelings of the family and accordingly chose Ajab Gul and Saima to play the roles of his parents.”

Considering the sensitivity of the topic, he had to face certain limitations in terms of locations for the film’s shoot. He said that they did not shoot this film in tribal areas due to various threats. So, the film was shot in the areas of Azad Kashmir.

He hesitated to disclose further locations due to security reasons. The leading role of Aitezaz is being played by Ali Mukhtasham.

He stated that modern technology is being both used for pre and post production. The post production will be completed abroad. Besides this, all modern techniques are being employed to make this film aesthetically appealing.

The plot of Salute revolved around the journey of a young man and the challenges he faces on his way to becoming an army officer. But after Aitzaz Ahsan’s sad demise, the producers decided to honor the contributions of this young boy.