Am I a human or just a piece of meat waiting to be devoured by a sex maniac out on the loose? According to what I have read in the Islamic scriptures, all humans are equal. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab and no black is superior to a white and no white is superior to a black.

For the world at large, I am neither a black nor a white, neither an Arab nor a non-Arab. I am only a piece of meat waiting to be tossed around in front of dogs that do not know the value of a human life. I was born as Asif a boy to a single mother, my mother worked in the red light district of Lahore and hence obviously I don’t know my father.

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It was when I turned around 8-9 years old when my mother realized that I was not the sort to be messed around with so my mother had me sent away. It soon transpired that I was supposed to undergo a surgery of the third kind in which I would be left in the middle.

In simpler terms, I was converted into a transgender by surgery and after six months of surgeries and recovery, I was a transgender. That was when my real ordeals began. I was made to learn to dance but I didn’t want to so I was repeatedly beaten by the pimp my mother worked under.

I suffered for 2 years under my mothers and the pimps torture till they finally handed me over to a guru, who had several transgender living with him. He treated me well. Since I had never been to school, he gave me some basic education and had me learn the Quran as well. When I was finally about to achieve my freedom and become something the guru I lived with died when he fell off the roof while celebrating Basant. That was when all of us were left alone and we took to the streets because our landlord kicked us out.

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It has been 5 years since we have been living a life of ghosts or rather pieces of meat for men who have no sense of ethics on how to treat a human being. Where ever we go we are treated the same.  We have no option of work, the only work we can get is to dance at weddings and satisfy the disgusting unjustified demands of perverted men whose own families have abandoned them for their perverted lifestyles.

Why do we do this? Because we do not have an option. If and only if the government supports us, provides us the opportunities every normal human being has and if the governments provide the necessary education to not only the transgender but the public at large on how to deal with transgender, the world can change.