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Traitor of Pakistan Adnan Sami Khan

They say, art does not have any prejudice; it has no boundaries. But it’s the people like the (in)famous singer and traitor of Pakistan Adnan Sami Khan who use the art as a ground in order to fulfil their own narrow personal interests.

It is pertinent to mention here that Adnan Sami was a renowned Pakistani singer who had applied for Indian nationality and he is now an Indian national since first January 2016.

He is defaming Pakistan as well as its army after India claimed to have made surgical strike inside Pakistan territorial grounds.

He is the bloody guy whose father Mr Arshad Sami Khan was a Pakistani soldier who was awarded a number of medals by Pakistani state for their service to Pakistan army. These medals include Sitara-e Imtiaz, Sitara-e Jurrat and Best Fighter, but his son proved himself the traitor of the same soil his father earned much honor from.

In his tweets, he is blaming Pakistan to be a terrorist state but his bloody mind was not able to prompt that this was the same soil which his father had been fighting for; thus if Pakistan is a terrorist state, he must declare his father a terrorist and himself the son of a terrorist soldier.

Baaghi TV’s clear message for traitor Adnan Sami Khan is, “If you think that Pakistan’s soil is producing terrorists, pay off the respect and awards given to your father by this soil and pay off the respect given to you; and you will not be able to do it because you are a person out of mind.”

“The time will come soon when you will be kicked out from India and you will have no place to take breath on the entire globe. Then don’t return to Pakistan, because we hate traitors and traitors do not have any place in our heart,” A baaghi’s message for traitor Adnan Sami.

His claims, his family background and his connections clue that he is giving all bloody statements and tweeting grievous tweets just for earning money and in order to protect himself from extremist Hindus.

He is the person who failed to protect his own wife and son when they needed him. Such a person who proved himself untrustworthy for his family, can never be trustworthy for Pakistan.