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Training Plane Crashes in Lahore’s Garden Town Area

By Maryam Iraj

A Fokker plane named, Ultra Light by company Airborn Inc., was crashed few hours ago during a training session near Lahore Garden Town Area, leaving the co-pilot, Hashaam, injured and with no causality reported.

Hashaam was accompanying the pilot, Faheem, at the time of the crash which happened at the boundary wall of a house. Eyewitnesses reported that the plane caught fire as soon as it crashed.

Rescue and fire brigade  teams have reached the site and are still in the process of managing the situation.

Civil aviation authorities directed the concerned officials to initiate the investigation of the accident, however, the pilot, Faheem stated that the aircraft was checked every day.

In 2012, a similar incident took place when an aircraft, which belonged to Hybrid Aviation and had flown out from the same Walton Airport hit straight into the porch area of House 143-H in Model Town. Two people including flight instructor, Anita Qureshi and trainee, Waqar Asif, were declared dead on the spot.