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Traffic Police More Concerned To Fine Civilians Rs.500 For Not Wearing Seat Belt.

Roads accidents in general are increasing day by day in Pakistan. Nothing much has been done to lessen these accidents which have become very normal. Every day people are dying because of no proper traffic rules implementation and steps taken by the government. There are no proper places for cars to be parked. Also, areas which has parking places are being charged from Rs.30 to Rs.50. There is no standard set for Parking fee.

People out of despair park their cars wherever they find place. This should be a huge concern for the government of Pakistan and proper parking rules should be made and implemented. In other countries when cars are parked wrongly they are clumped fined and charged for it. However sadly the government of Pakistan is much more concerned about whether if everyone is wearing a seat belt or not, which is also important, but there should be some priority levels set by the government when it comes to such things. Also, the civilians are charged Rs.500 for not wearing a seat belt. Has something being done about over speeding?

Heavy vehicles carrying dangerous construction materials are allowed to move during the day risking lives of civilians. Nothing has been done to fix these issues. It is not only about lack of awareness in people among traffic rules but also lack of education among people. The country itself is unorganized and sorry to quote but has an illiterate system too. Where nothing is done to fix institutional policies on official and non-official levels. Where there are different rules for the elite class and different for the poor class.

In Lahore DHA phase 6, a student from Lahore School of economics died riding a heavy bike. It is not the first ever case that has taken place. Specific vehicle movement rules should be amended in Pakistan. Some roads are not suitable for certain vehicles to travel. Also increasing trend in youth for racing cars and bikes is also increasing. Many underage drivers dye now and then. Nothing has been done for a check on balance for such racing groups.

No nation succeeds if they are not well organised. It is high time government should take notice of such things and create a proper committee to revise rules and regulations by creating proper parking places. Setting in speed checkers on roads and electronic fining  system is highly needed.