Top Twitter Trend Today: #PTCLSpeedDo

Internet has become a necessity in our lives from the last few years years and maximum of our time is now spent surfing across the world in just few clicks. Social media is another reason which is over-consuming an individual’s time as well as the internet. It may be a cause that Pakistan’s telecommunication company’s internet service has been lowered to a really bad level.

Therefore, the PTCL users have launched a trend #PTCLSpeedDo as they may expect that if they together at a spot protest against the improper service,  it may under notice of higher authorities.

The trend of course was started with an idea and as the idea is actually the mutual feeling of huge number of internet users,  therefore, it approached the top position in trends of Pakistan today.

The internet has a great influence in our life and it has so become an important part of our life too. Things like electronic devices, multimedia devices and computers are things we need to deal with everyday.

There are different kinds of internet users:

  • Those who need to do their educational as well as job tasks on internet. Internet is definitely a basic necessity in their life.
  • Those who love to know about about the happening across the work and internet is not necessity but they pretend as a necessity.
  • Those who just pass time in social media sites and waste their time and internet. Internet is definitely not basic thing for them but they still can not live without it.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of internet but as it is said that everything which is used properly only gains advantages but if it is gone to the opposite way, then it is of course a misuse and causes disadvantages.

Lets have a look what is up in the trend. The social media users have grabbed their keyboards to tweet in the trend.

Users like Noor Fatima, M., Asad Amjad, Yusra Baloch, Sumaira Jamil, Farhan Virk, Ch Mudassir Maqbool, Azita Malik, Hercules Shadow, Saadiyah, Kamil Khan Marwat, Mazhar Nazik, Hamza Tahir and others are mainly in the top twitter trend this time.

Sumaira Jamil is a social media activist who is seen very prominently trending with the top tweets and is also seen actively throughout the up rise and later the end of the trend. Here is how she shares her thoughts in the trend.

Another user Fykamalik was also seen emotional in the trend for improper internet.

Mazhar Nazik also is seen in the trend bashing the internet service of PTCL.

Tashseen Jafri also tweeted in the trend that is still on the top in all trends in Pakistan.

Many others contributed in the trend by sharing their thoughts.


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