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Top ten tax havens in the world

If you want to save paying tax on your money, then like a number of rich people did, transfer your money abroad in the offshore accounts or else invest in international cooperate companies.

The top ten places which are considered to be the top tax heavens are as follows:

  • Switzerland
  • Hong Kong
  • United States of America (U.S.)
  • Singapore
  • Cayman
  • Luxembourg
  • Lebanon
  • Germany
  • Behrain
  • Dubai

As it is well known that the Panama leaks have moved the world and time by time many confessions have took place, the names of the top ten tax heavens have also been shared.

To avoid paying the tax on the property or money, world’s richest people have been transferring and investing their money in offshore cooperate which has no use for their own country but yes, for their own selves.


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