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Top Pakistani TV anchors on hit list of PEMRA

Top Pakistani anchors are on hit list of PEMRA. According to Baaghi Tv sources, PEMRA has devised a strategy to ban most programmes and senior anchors of ARY and two other channels. PEMRA and IB (Intelligence Bureau) has been tasked to find out the weaknesses of the anchors. The anchors include Mubasher Lucman, Asad Kharal, Sami Ibrahim, Sabir Shakir, Arif Hameed Bhatti, Arshad Sharif, Dr Danish, Dr Moeed Pirzada and some other journalist of channel 92 and Samaa TV. A woman anchor is also included in the list.

The aforementioned names of the journalist are blamed to work for those departments whom PMLN government does not like. The investigative reports and corruption inside the government are exposed on regular basis by these anchors.

Dr Shahid Masood is already facing the music for exposing the corruption and big plans of PMLN government. IB and PEMRA are working together to bring illegal ban on working journalists.

Absar Alam was given PEMRA chairmanship on the grounds to bring troubles for those who bring trouble for the government.