Top 10 Youtubers: Who Are They?

Over the years, YouTube has been a platform on which various creators made and uploaded content everyday for their viewers. What we tend to focus on is their extravagant lifestyle with their fame, however have you ever thought of how difficult it also may be?

For gamers, sitting for hours on end in front of their computer screens: first playing and then the endless editing. However for many, the hard work surely pays off. These are the 10 most subscribed  Channels on YouTube:


1. PewdiePie

He has an estimated 60.4 million subscribers.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish video game commentator who is also known as the top-earning YouTube star on the planet, with $12 million salary in the past year. This equates to an hourly rate for a 40hour week of $34 I00 per hour.

He plays various videogames with a box in the top corner capturing his reactions.

He got involved with drama after a wall street journal report described antisemitic messages in the videos, causing Disney and YouTube to cut direct business ties with him. However he hasn’t been debarred from the youtube platform.

As of now, it is predicted that T-series, a music production company based in India will soon take over as the biggest channel on YouTube; overthrowing Felix who has held this position since 2013.


2. HolaSoyGerman

He has an estimated 33.1 million subscribers.

German Garmendia (creator)  is not only a youtuber, but also a musician and comedian who is very well known as Latin America’s biggest YouTube star; with two other channels in the top 20.

His other channel JuegaGerman, focused on gaming has 24.4 million subscribers. His fame originated from Garmendia’s very well known video “Las Cosas Obvias De La Vida” (“The Obvious Things of Life”).


3. EIRubiusOMG

His subscribers are approximately 27.3 million.

Creator of the channel, Rubén Doblas Gundersen is the most followed Spanish youtuber who plays games, vlogs, makes reviews and much more with a mix of his hilarious commentary.


4. Whinderssonnunes

He has an estimated 26.7 million subscribers.

The brizilian YouTube star does comedy as well as vlogs; posting parodies, making songs, reviewing and much more.

He started at the age of 15 and in 2013 was known as the most subscribed in Brazil before Canal Kondzilla took that title from him in February 2018.


5. Canal Kondzilla

He has 26.6 million subscribers.

Konrad Dantas, owner of one of the fastest growing channels on youtube is a 29 year old Brazilian music video director.


6. Dude perfect

 They have an estimated 26.5 million subscribers.

The creators of this channel are a group of boys including twin brothers, Cory and Coby cotton along with three of their college friends.

With the background of high school basketball players originating from Texas, they make sports videos along with various tricks.

They often mix it up with some comedy, ridiculing many stereotypes linked to sports.


7. Fernanfloo

26.2 million subscribers till date.

The YouTube star, Luis Fernando flores has a faming channel in which we often also see videos of his adorable dog.


8. Smosh

They have an estimated 22.6 million subscribers.

The channel was created by two comedians, Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla in January 2018, the smosh channel had over a billion views.

Padilla left the channel in order to make his own individual career on YouTube and since then Hecox has remained an active member working for smosh.


9. VanossGaming

He has 22.3 million subscribers till date.

This channel was created by Evan Gong. As one can tell by the title, he posts gaming videos mixed with a little bit of comedy.

However, out of the thousands of gaming channels that exist on YouTube, the thing that sets him apart is the way he edits the videos; creating a new spin on it.


10. Vegetta777

He has approximately 20.8 million subscribers.

This Spanish YouTube channel is owned by Samuel de Luque. He became famous for his voiceover of various games such as Minecraft, battle field etc.