Top 10 Rare Diseases

Featuring uncommon diseases and disorders

There is always some disease which is lesser known than others and it is so uncommon that hearing about can leave a person in shock for a few seconds, if not longer.

We bring you a list of some of the most uncommon diseases known to mankind.

1. Morgellons


Morgellons is the name of a self-diagnosed delusional skin condition in which individuals believe they have sores due to parasites on their bodies and those sores contain some kind of fibres.


2. Laughing Death

Laughing death is a disease in which people tend to burst into unstoppable laughter for a long period of time which causes them to take their own life if left untreated.

The death isn’t sudden and happens over a course of time due to shaking limbs and loosing ability to stand up gradually and to walk.


3. Cotard’s Delusion

Cotard’s Delusion also known as the ‘Walking Corpse Syndrome’ is a rare mental disorder in which a person believes he or she is missing body parts/ organs such as the brain or is actually dead.

The victims of this disease are known to spend time in graveyards without eating and bathing for days on end.

This disorder has been connected to issues such as in the areas of the brain responsible for emotions. This results in a complete loss of personal identity when looking at their own bodies.

Medications and therapies can be used to treat the condition, however, though electro-convulsive therapy is thought to be better in some situations.


4. Xeroderma Pigmentosum

Xeroderma Pigmentosum, also known as the ‘Vampire Syndrome’ is a sensitive skin problem which occurs due to the Sun’s UV rays.

Humans need sunlight for vitamin D but some people have extremely sensitive skin and the UV rays can give them terrible sunburns thus they need to protect themselves from sunlight at all times.


5. Aquagenic Urticaria

Aquagenic urticaria, commonly referred to as water allergy and water urticaria is a rare condition in which the person gets itchy skin, red marks and/or rashes due to any contact with water.

In the case of water allergies, only the skin is affected and a hypersensitive allergic reaction occurs.


6. Adam’s Oliver Disease

Adam’s Oliver disease is an extremely rare inherited disorder. This disease usually causes defects of the scalp, hands, toes and even fingers.

Some cases may be very mild while others may be severe.

In severe situations a defect of the bones and of the skull may also be present.

Infants with this disorder have deformities of the hands, arms, feet, and/or legs. These range from abnormally short fingers and toes to totally absent hands or lower legs.


7. Blackfan-Diamond Anemia

Blackfan-Diamond anemia is an uncommon blood disease that is due to the failure of the bone marrow to generate enough red blood cells.

In this there is a deficiency of red blood cells at birth as well as slow growth, abnormal weakness and fatigue, paleness of the skin, abnormal shortening of the neck due to problems with certain bones in the spine as well as hand deformities and many other problems et cetera.


8. Danlos Syndrome

Ehlers (Danlos syndrome) is a disease in which the fragility of blood vessels occurs, over-flexibility of the joints, dislocations, sprains, tissue deformation and other severe consequences are some most common deformities that may occur.

The skin of those who have this disease is very elastic.


9. Hypertrichosis

Hypertrichosis is an overgrowth of hair in odd places over the body. For example too much hair on the face. Most of the time, hypertrichosis is found in men and it is normally uncommon in women.

Hypertrichosis can’t exactly be treated, but there are a lot of ways to get rid of extra hair from parts of our bodies hence things have been made easier, however, the disease is till taxing for anyone going through it.

10. Mascular Dystrophy


There’s no treatment for many forms of muscular dystrophy as the causes are unknown. But medications, physical therapy, operations and surgical procedures can help reduce problems in the back, spine, joints, muscle movements and other parts of the body.