Today in pictures: A poor man’s ambulance

The condition of government hospitals in Pakistan is visibly so poor that these do not even have proper facilities for old-aged and weak citizens of the country.

The ambulances are considered as a service for poor citizens who do not have personal vehicles or the ones who need first aid. However, recently, few images were shared on social media which show a very old man who tied a cloth with the bed of her wife and pulled the bed to the hospital. It is still unknown why the man didn’t avail any ambulance service.


These pictures are of Jhang Civil Hospital where the old man pulled the bed of his wife and took her to the the ward and received no help as per showed in the pictures.

Seeing these pictures, there is also raised a question mark on the youth who is standing around and not helping the man in pulling the bed. There is not seen any helper near the hospital and even inside the premises and the man himself took his wife to ward.

The old man is seen with a cloth wrapped around his waist and pulling his wife’s towards outpatient department (OPD).

The situation is really miserable and where are the funds taken from the national treasure to improve the situation of government buildings and government institutes. Making Orange trains, Metro trains and fly overs are not what is required but the basic need is of better health services and a better educational facilities.

These terrible pictures are really a pity side of life especially at the age, when the bones become weak and no energy is left the body.