Today in History: January 15

Countless events and incidents happen everyday and some of them leave mark on the date at which they occur. Every year, dozens of incidents occur everyday, some spread happiness while some leave a sorrowful or stressful impact.

Baaghi TV is to share with you the important events that occurred on today’s date in history.

January 15 also is important for many reasons and so many incidents took place on this date in past. Let’s have a look at some of those.

  • 1541: King Francis I of France gave Jean-François Roberval a commission to settle the province of New France (Canada).

    • 1559: Elizabeth I was crowned as Queen of England in the Westminster Abbey, London and England.
      Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England
  • 1759: The famous British Museum was opened on the same date in year 1759.
    British Museum opens
  • 1777American Revolutionary War: Vermont (that time New Connecticut) declared its independence.
    American Revolutionary War
  • 1815: War of 1812: American frigate USS President that was commanded by Commodore Stephen Decatur had been captured by a military unit of four British frigates.
    war of 1812
  • 1822: Greek War of Independence: Demetrios Ypsilantis was elected president of legislative assembly.
    Greek war of independence
  • 1870: A political cartoon for the first time symbolized the Democratic Party with a donkey.
    political cartoon for the first time symbolizes the Democratic Party
  • 1889: The Coca-Cola Company which was known as Pemberton Medicine Company that time was incorporated in Atlanta.
    Pemberton Medicine Company
  • 1892: James Naismith published for the first time rules of basketball.
    James Naismith publishes the rules of basketball
  • 1936: The first building that was completely covered in glass, was completed in Toledo, Ohio for  Owens-Illinois Glass Company.
    Owens-Illinois Glass Company
  • 1937: Spanish Civil War: Nationalists and Republican withdraw after facing heavy losses and ending the Second Battle of Corunna Road.
    Spanish Civil War
  • 1943: World War II: The Soviet anti-offensive at Voronezh began on January 15, 1943.
    World War II
  • 1943: The Pentagon, was devoted in Arlington, Virginia. The building was largest office building of the world.
    The Pentagon
  • 1970: Nigerian Civil War: After a fight of almost 32-month for independence from Nigeria, Biafra surrendered.
    Nigerian Civil War
  • 1973: Vietnam War: Noting the progress in peace negotiations, President Richard Nixon announced the seizure of action in North Vietnam.
    Vietnam War
  • 1991: The United Nations deadline for expired and the preparations of withdrawal of Operation Desert Storm was started. The deadline asked Iraqi forces to be withdrawn from occupied Kuwait.
    Operation Desert Storm
  • 1992:  The international community accepted and recognized the independence of Slovenia and Croatia from Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
    independence of Slovenia and Croatia
  • 2001: Wikipedia, the free Wiki content encyclopedia went online on the January 15, 2001.
  • 2013:  A military train with Egyptian Army met accident near Giza, Greater Cairo and killed almost 19 soldiers and injured 120 others.
    A train carrying Egyptian Army recruits derails near Giza


The history leaves a remark to be recalled because a human learns from his mistake in the past. 

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