Today in History: January 10

Countless events and incidents happen everyday and some of them leave mark on the date at which they occur. Every year, dozens of incidents occur everyday, some spread happiness while some leave a sorrowful or stressful impact.

Baaghi TV is to share with you the important events that occurred on today’s date in history.

January 10th also brings the memories of many events occurred on that day in past. Lets recall all those which which left its mark on the date.

  • 1776: An English-American philosopher, political activist, political theorist and revolutionary Thomas Paine published his pamphlet ‘Common Sense’ which actually explained the advantages and the need for independence clearly. The pamphlet inspired Thirteen Colonies which were the British colonies on the east coast of North America. Thomas Paine inspired the rebels in year 1776 and provoked them to declare independence from Britain.
    Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine


  • 1863: The world’s oldest underground railway, London Underground was opened between London Paddington station and Farringdon station.
  • 1916: World War I– Russia defeated the Ottoman Empire in the Erzurum Offensive and in 1920, Treaty of Versailles turns influential ending World War I officially.
    Treaty of peaceThe treaty was signed on 28 June, 1919 and the state of war between Germany and the allied enemies.
  • 1941: World War II: Greek army captured Kleisoura. It is southern Albania’s town which is located on the bank of the Vjosë.

  • 1946: The first General Assembly of United Nations was opened in London where almost 51 nations were represented.
    United Nations
  • 1946: United States Army Signal Corps conducted Project Diana successfully which caused bouncing radio waves off the Moon and then receiving the reflected signals.

    Such radars were used to bounce the radio waves off the moon
    Such radars were used to bounce the radio waves off the moon
  • 1962: Apollo program: NASA announced its plans to construct C-5 rocket launch vehicle and known as the Saturn V Moon rocket. It launched every Apollo Moon mission then.
  • 1972: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman returned to the independent Bangladesh as president after being in prison for almost nine months in Pakistan.
    sheikh mujeeb ur rehman
  • 2005:  In California, the 2005 La Conchita landslide occurred killing at least 10 people and injuring many more. U.S. Route 101 closed the main corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco for almost 10 days.
    In California, the 2005 La Conchita landslide
  • 2015: A huge incident of poisoning occurred at a funeral in Mozambique that involved beer which was contaminated with crocodile bile and left at least 56 dead and almost 200 hospitalized.
    mass poisoning
  • 2015: A collapse between oil tanker truck and a passenger coach on the Pakistan National Highway Link Road near Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi, killed at least 62 people. The coach was en route to Shikarpur from Karachi.