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To Protect Same-Sex Law, Singer Bryan Adams Annuls Mississippi Show

Bryan Adams, the Canadian singer cancelled a show in Mississippi to protest a new state law, which will let people with religious objections, refute services to the same-sex couples.

The terminations come as a number of U.S. states contemplate legislation seen as restricting gays, LGBT, lesbian and bisexual rights. The Supporters of the law say that they are needed to keep women & children safe in the restrooms & to protect the religious freedom after a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court legalized the same-sex marriages, last year

Adams, the singer who was prepared to perform on Thursday at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, had called the state’s measure “extremely discriminatory.”

“I can’t in good conscience perform in a state where certain people are being denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation,” wrote Adams on his website. “Hopefully Mississippi will right itself & I can come back & perform for all of my many fans,” he added.

95 Mississippi writers, including the best-selling author John Grisham, had signed a letter that was released on Monday calling for a retract of law before it takes effect in July.

“There’ve always been people here battling injustice,” said the letter. “That is the version of Mississippi we believe in, and that is the Mississippi we would not stop fighting for.”

On Monday, in North Carolina, a several hundred people rallied in Raleigh in backing of that state’s law, the 1st in nation to require LGBT people to choose bathrooms & locker rooms that match the gender on their birth certificate.

The law also bars local Govts. from passing the anti-discrimination protections based on the sexual orientation & gender identity.

The supporters of the bill had worn the pins that read “No men in women’s bathrooms” & thanked the Republican Governor Pat McCrory for standing strong against the attacks on measure, reported WTVD-

The Executives from dozens of corporations of the United States have urged both Mississippi & North Carolina officials to revoke their laws, convicting them as discriminatory.