This Mom Finds The Final Solution For The Mobile Craze

Let’s just straightaway agree to the fact that we are addicted to our phones, I mean we all have a mini heart attack when we wake up in the morning and can’t find our phone under the pillow.

Well, this southern momma has found the final solution to this problem, she has crushed, I mean literally crushed, her children’s phones. She took out her shotgun and shot their phones down because she was utterly done with their excessive use of social media accounts. Imagine the heartache and depression they had to go through. But, anyway, let’s just take a moment to notice the confidence this mother had and how without any hesitance, she brutally shot them whilst her children stood there watching in shock, the horrific scene unfold in front of their eyes.

The mother repetitively kept cursing yet she “refused to be cursed and refused to be disobeyed” as she took back the role of her children’s parent. Her children would definitely feel like their mother had turned into Hitler because she definitely seems like it.

This is how much parents are pissed off and annoyed with their children using social media. There is no denying that on an average, we spend more time on our social media accounts and show our faces more to our beloved mobile screens than to our parents.

Take a look at the video below and share your thoughts: