Things that make you feel old

It is said: “Never ask a woman about her age”; as she feels embarrassed to tell her age of that other may consider her old. However, the age doesn’t matter that much now as now days, young people are getting older and tired due to which they are losing energy.

There may be many reasons behind getting older at early ages of adulthood, but we usually neglect it. However, Baaghi TV brings to you the reasons behind getting older so early.

  • Lack of physical activity

The lifestyle now is a very inactive type, and one keeps on following a simple rule; no rule. The technology is another reason for not undergoing any healthy physical activity like exercise or work out. A person sticks to the television, laptop or the smartphones going around the world but forgets to do that in real.

Reality is cruch
Lack of physical activity (Image via Search Engine)
  • Inappropriate diet

The diet these days is also not that pure or proper. Junk food which includes burgers, fries, pizzas, candies and such eatables are also a cause of improper growth. People get tired before time and children these days are more attracted towards such food and the introduction of fizzy drinks in a market have even covered the importance of fresh juices. Jellies are eaten instead of real fruits, ice creams, and frozen yogurts are considered tastier instead of the real and natural yogurt and tastes. The inappropriate eating habits may also be a cause of improper nutrition, and therefore, a person gets older before time.

Improper diet
Inappropriate diet (Image via Search Engine)
  • Excess intake of alcohol

The access intake of alcohol and wine is also causing to bring old-aged effects to the person. Some people over intake alcohols in happiness, sadness or to cope up with stress. The reason leads to an unhealthy life style also.

over drinking
Excess intake of alcohol (Image Via Search Engine)
  • Drugs and tobacco intake

Taking drugs and tobacco in an excessive level causes a destruction of human internal mechanism that is why it changes a person’s external look also. Effects of old age appear in the drug addicted more than the other ones.

smoking and drug
Drugs and tobacco intake (Image via Search Engine)
  • Taking more stress

Taking stress can even accelerate age effects as well as side affects. Therefore, instead of taking tension and stress of the hard times, a person must stay relax and think for a better solution.

Taking more stress (Image Via Search Engine)
  • Contaminated environment

The contamination of chemicals in the environment affects the one in a very negative way, and the side affects are even worst. Every thing including food, air and drinking water is contaminated with chemicals.

water contaiminated
Contaminated environment (Image Via Search Engine)
  • No proper use of brain

The introduction of latest technologies have lessened the use of the brain, for example; the calculators have been used instead of using one’s brain powers.  A huge portion of the brain, therefore, stay inactive and turns one old.

not using brain proper
No proper use of brain (Image Via Search Engine)

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