The World Through The Eyes Of A Wayfarer

Do you feel lost in life?

A wayfarer is defined as a ‘traveller’, so I suppose we all can claim to be one, in the journey of life, we are all wayfarer’s, travellers and at times, we do get lost in this extensive and tiresome journey.


The fact is, that because we are all destined to walk only a single path in life, we want to wander in the Image result for wandering in life is rocky quoteswilderness surrounding it, thanks to the curiosity in human nature. Though at times we may get detracted due to our own inquisitiveness, this is not always the case.

At times we are thrown off our track because of a powerful tornado and are taken away somewhere really far away, we are propelled to a foreign land, where we cannot navigate our way back.

This usually occurs when you’re dreams and aspirations are shattered, when you lose your direction in life or when you lose the constant’ you thought will always stay by your side.

This is usually the time when life hits you full force, when you least expected it to and this uncertainty in life is what makes you feel like a lost soul finding its way back.

It is really hard to pull yourself back up and to find your way back to your track, some people cannot make it and they give up mid-way but, some make the extra effort to do so and they emerge as the survivors. We talked to couple of people who have gone through these experiences in life and got to know the struggle they went through to come back.

Let’s call this person ‘XYZ’ (as they wish to remain anonymous), he shared how he had always been so sure about life, about his future and was sure that he would be able to achieve his goal. He said that since he was a child he had decided to one day serve his country by becoming an army officer, just like his father. It was routine for him to see his father in the green army suit and had always imagined himself having a similar future.

He had the passion and the determination, he had trained himself physically and mentally everyday to get into the Pakistan Army but when the time came, after all that he had done, he was not selected.

Image result for a storm in life quotesAt that moment in life, he just wanted to give up, he wanted to end his life at that moment because the one thing that he had wanted so much in life was snatched away from him, at that moment, the little child who had once hoped of being an army officer saw all of his dreams shatter and fall into the great abyss below.

All he could see in front of himself was darkness, and it scared him.

The worst part was that he had no back-up plan, he had no plan B, this was his sole motivation in life and when that was taken away, it was like the light in his eyes had been stolen away and I think it is safe to say that XYZ felt pretty lost.

Being lost in life is an extremely eerie feeling, you feel so vulnerable and helpless, you feel like a beast from the wilderness will grab you and the worst part is that you won't be able to do anything to stop it because some part of you tells you that 'this is what you want.'

She further explained that “You need a very strong inspiration in life to tell that little part inside of you to be quiet because at that point that little part roars its opinions thunderously, overshadowing every other voice inside you head.”

Now XYZ continued with his story and told us about his way back from the wilderness, he described how one day he woke up and decided to change things in life, he decided he was not done exploring his life and wanted to see where it would take him, hence he began to sail the stormy seas of life bravely, all alone.

He narrated that after an exhaustive journey of a month or so, he was able to find the calm waters in his life, yes it took him some time, but gradually he came along to the idea that though his previous dreams cannot become reality, life can have an infinite number of possibilities and he vowed to test those possibilities as well.

Image result for wandering in life is rocky quotesThis was just the story of one person, there are so many others just like him, who face so many of their fears, who lose everything they had once built with so much effort.

Though not all of them are able to find a renewed sense of hope and come back, many of them are still able to understand that though life has changed in its own twisted ways and did not end up being what they expected it to be, it is okay and despite all its flaws, life still is beautiful.

And they know that the sun will rise above the horizon once again and with it, it will bring about a new ray of hope.