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The unforeseen reason Brad Pitt missed the Oscars

The 2017 Oscars received a huge attention due to the mix up of awards for and also so many other happenings like who’s winning what, and how much does that Pricewaterhousecoopers accountant actually look like Matt Damon and so many other things. What was Brad Pitt up to Sunday night?

Moonlight, which was produced by his Plan B Entertainment, so it would stand to reason that he’d attend the Oscars as well was introduced by Brad Pitt at  the Golden Globes.

But on Sunday night, he was busy yes busy in making sculpture..seriously?

Pitt was in Los Angeles at artist Thomas Houseago’s Frogtown studio making art. The source did not say what the sculpture looked like, but that Pitt had been in the zone for 10 days at least according to reports.

Although after his divorce with Angelina he has keeping low profile but still he appeared when Meryl Streep encouraged Globes attendances to “take your broken heart, make it into art.” Perhaps he was simply choosing to take some good advice from a smart lady.

Well might be that sculpture was more important for Brad.. who knows better!