The Top Netflix Series

'Netflix' a global web phenomenon

With the creation of Netflix, back in 1997 and its sudden popularity in 2002, Netflix has been a great part of our lives on a global scale. There is no doubt that this website literally created binge watch and that is no surprise due to the amazing original series it started and has continued.

Those series have kept us up at nights, where one would sit with a bag of crisps and a can of soda beside him/her, in a literal marathon rush to finish the 7 season series in a single night, because the plot was so unexpected and captivating that you simply just could not look away.

Now that we have laid down the basic facts of how the Netflix shows are highly addictive, let’s move on to take a look at the top ten best Netflix’s original series in 2018, take a look at the list below:


1. Peaky Blinders

If you’re a true Brit at heart, then this crime, post World War 1, drama is just series that you should watch.

It is about the criminal family called the Shelbys which shows the story of Thomas Shelby who has returned home from war and is now trying to expand the his family’s control of Birmingham and in this process, he steals a shipment of guns for giving his gang an edge in the world of crime.

In this process, he also deals with the other crime families and the British Government.



2. Better Call Saul

The story of Ace Goodman-  ace attorney for chemist-turned-meth dealer Walter White, Yet he was not always like this. The show is set six years prior to Breaking Bad, another one of Netflix’s hit original series and this takes the fans on a journey to Saul Goodman’s origin story.

The series began in 2015 and since then has successfully aired 4 seasons with 38 episodes.



3. American Vandal

This Netflix original comedy-drama and mockumentry genre series were released in 2017 and is gradually gaining a steady following. it was bound to be a satire as per the title and showcases the aftermath of various high school pranks.

It narrates a story of two friends, who investigate the cases to find out who is truly behind these crimes. So what are you waiting for now? Grab your laptop and your favorite blanket to watch this one point satirical series.



4. Bojack Horsemen 

Warning: This show is definitely not for the little ones 😉

The first animated Netflix original series is about a humanoid horse who is lost in a sea of self criticism and booze, then he finally decides that it is time for a comeback.

The once 90’s famous hotshot returns to Hollywood after 18 years and getting acquainted with everything that has changed since then, such as Twitter, is a huge struggle for the ex-superstar.



5. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

The show is yet to release on 26 October, 2018, but is already one of the most anticipated series and why would it not be?

For all the 90’s kids, who remember the television show ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’, this show it a revisited and real-life depiction of that show, just with an extra whiff of horror and supernatural.



6. Breaking Bad 

The series deals with moral consequences and family issues as it depicts the story of Walter White- a high school chemistry teacher who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and now has to secure his family finances before dying.

This  leads us to the witness the metamorphosis of his old RV into a meth lab on wheels. This series is a must watch.



7. Stranger Things 

The recent Netflix series about teenagers has won so many hearts in the short term since it has been released in 2016 and it also stars Golden- Globe winning actress, Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers and is set back in 1983.

This was the time when stories of science fiction greatly captivated the audiences and the show basically unfolds several mysteries which also include some chilling supernatural elements as well.



8. Orange is the New Black

No we are not talking about Donald Trump, this is the name of a very popular comedy-drama original Netflix television series. It tells the story of a mid 30’s Piper Chapman, who is living a decent life as a public relations executive, when her past suddenly catches up to her.

The series traces how she is subsequently punished to spend time in a minimum-security women’s prison back in Connecticut due to her contacts and association with a drug dealer, 10 years ago.


9. Jane the Virgin 

The Netflix original starring Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni alongside other cast members is one the the cutest, most heart-warming and funny series present, to entertain yourself with.

The 81 episode romantic comedy series is about the story of a 23 year old woman living a life on the track that she always wanted, suddenly turns upside down when she gets inseminated by a specimen meant for a patient in the next room whilst she visits her doctor for her routine check-ups.

Now-pregnant Jane is in a situation made only more insane when she learns that the sperm donor is her boss, Rafael. From their on her carefully planned out life turns into a complete whirlwind, so go watch the show to see how she deals with her situation.