The Tallest Man Ever Lived

Islamic Scriptures Describe Aaug bin Anaq as Tallest Man

‘He who knows that he knows, and he knows; that he knows not is a …’

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This chronicle began with my Curiosity. Hence, for me ‘Ask’ is a blessed word as if it has come from heavens! Inquisitive to learn, to explore, to dig down, to probe- has made the journey possible from known to unknown!


Nonetheless, possessing the authentic, accurate and updated knowledge about the world we live in and the awareness about the path to travel; because, in-fact the choices we make shape our destiny!


Aaug bin Anaq- the tallest man ever lived on earth so far! (Allah SWT knows better)


Extremes have always fascinated mankind! Isn’t it so? Moreover, history of mankind is full of captivating stories which entice and provoke people to investigate further and dig down the fascinating evidences.

There are many who have lived; learning the lesson the hard way!

برا سمجھوں انہیں مجھ سے تو ایسا ہو نہیں سکتا

کے میں خود بھی تو ہوں اقبال اپنے نکتہ چینوں میں


Interesting enough, Augé- bin- Anaq- the grandson of Prophet Adam A.S born to his daughter Safoorah and his father Anab; was as tall as 3300 feet and lived for 3500 years. Though, nothing has been mentioned about him in the Holy Quran but hardly ever anyone disagreed about his existence, he is mentioned in Ahad Nama Qadeem and Qissa sul Aanbiya and plenty other Islamic books.

Though, according to ‘Talbot’, when Prophet Musa A.S. after having fought with Pharaoh; wiping him away from the face of the earth, relieving Bani Israel from his vindictiveness; was going back towards Syria, finally escorting men of faith; the next, unfathomable task assigned to him by Allah’s SWT, was to wipe away every malicious and spiteful from Syria.


And finally, this time, he had to fight with the malevolent and vicious Augé- bin- Anaq, the only toughie ‘Mushriq’- the skeptic, who is thought to be the only survivor of the flood sent upon Prophet Noah’s A.S. people.


By then, Prophet Musa A.S. designated twelve cogent leaders from amongst twelve tribes. Prophet Musa A.S wanted them to be subservient to Allah SWT and live peacefully.


However, when Prophet Musa A.S. along his brother Prophet Haroon A.S.  reached ‘Konan’, he ordered the tribe leaders to go and find out about the life style of populace, they met the tallest man ever lived. He was no one other than Safoorah’s and Anab’s spiteful and notorious son Augé- bin- Anaq. Thus, at the encounter, he enquired the leaders regarding the purpose of their visit.


Upon revealing, he lifted and tried to squeeze them unruffled, but his wife pleaded him to let go of them. Henceforth, they returned to Prophet Musa A.S. and revealed the facts about their voyage, fearing that people will otherwise not agree upon invasion against their mighty enemy; he cautioned the tribal leaders not to share any of this with their men but ten out of twelve broke their promise and narrated the reality to the public; they even narrated the incident of how they got caught by Aaug. Upon hearing all this; they refused to join for jehad and expressed fear that even collectively they can’t fight him; this reflected the ‘Nifaq’ (hypocrisy) in them.


Upon hearing this, Prophet Musa A.S. tried to convince them and told them about Allah SWT’s promise of victory. Yusha bin noon and Qaloot bin Quata were the ones who helped in convincing people for verging towards enemy. But all in vain. Consequently, this led to 40 years delayed in conquering Egypt. Henceforth, as a punishment, people of Bani Israel wandered in the forest in sheer destitute.

This was the turning point of faith that when Allah destines even an unsurmountable to happen; then it indubitably will; ‘‘کُن’’ but their lack in faith and hypocrisy led them stranded. This displeased Prophet Musa A.S. and he prayed to Allah SWT to set them as an example; to have Faith in Allah SWT and conform Prophets.



To elucidate, Prophet Musa A.S. holding his ‘Asa’-crutch along his brother Prophet Haroon A.S. headed towards Syria. At night Bani Israel conspired to return to Egypt. They walked all night and at dawn, to their surprise, they were at the same spot from where they had started last night, and they kept wandering for 40 years. Yusha bin noon told them to stay there and seek forgiveness from Allah Ghafoor- ur- Raheem and patiently wait for Allah’s mercy or till the time Prophet Musa A.S. returns victorious. Though, they were six million in number in Tiya (plains between Palestine, Jordan and Egypt).

However, as Prophet Musa A.S. reached nearer Augé- bin- Anaq’s area; he got terrified looking at the dismayed and bedevil faces of the people, he prayed to Allah at the sight of the hex. The moment, Auge- bin- Anaq saw Prophet Musa A.S., he instantly recognized him and remarked that; Are you the great leader of Bani Israel who has drowned Pharaoh and his people in the Neil? He waged an attacked at the Prophet at which Prophet Musa A.S took a jump of ten yards and he being ten-yard-tall himself; stroked his ankle with his ‘Asa’-crutch; Augé fell dead at the spot.


This reflects the little humans know about the realm of Allah’s will His کُن (To Be- and it will).              

نہ کر غرور تو اس شاہے شریر کا
خاک میرا بھی ہو گا اور خاک تیرا بھی ہو گا