The Strenuous Route for Imran Khan: New Prime Minister with New Challenges

He took the oath on 18 August.

He won the 2018 general elections held on 25th July. He was expected to be the next prime minister as the results were proceeding and sympathies of people with Imran Khan proved that he will be the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan. All the countries were looking at this turning point in IK’s life. He will perform as a prime minister other than a cricketer. This was a major point, either he will be as successful as a cricketer or be like others in the field of politics.

Imran Khan’s first 100 days agenda consists of six key themes that he mentioned and structured. These six points are very important for the development of Pakistan. It throws light on his vision and ideology as well, the six themes are;

1-Transform Governance
2-Strengthen the Federation
3-Revitalise Economic growth
4-Uplift Agricultural and conserve water
5-Revolutionise social services
6-Ensures Pakistan’s National security

All of the themes will be carried on in the initial 100 days of PTI’s government and will proceed. Other projects and agenda of PTI will be introduced in their manifesto later.

Pakistan has been facing an economic crisis for many years now. The economy of Pakistan was diminishing since Asif Ali Zardari took control of the country, it almost felt that our country will never arise from this situation. During 5 years tenure of PMLN, they full filled half of their promises and couldn’t do much for economic progress. The economic gap grew more between rich and poor. We are now ranked as the 106th country in 119 developing countries.

Imran Khan now is being challenged to renovate his country, but it will take time. His agenda is to reduce the expenses of the government at home level so that the money is saved to carry out projects and to pay debts. But the money needs to be properly used. He wants to lower his personal expenses in order to benefit the country. The system of this country needs to be guided in a proper way. Yet the people of Pakistan will take a lot of years to be mentally strong and educated. The system needs to be firm and austere to guide people.

In the past, Imran Khan has always criticised the other parties. Many times he straightforwardly insulted the party leaders. Now the time is to prove what he can do for his country. If he doesn’t perform then he will be criticised respectively. He will not be forgiven for all the claims or words he used for previous governments. Thus in talk shows, we hear critical analysts raving about how Imran Khan will usher this country submerged in economic crises.

He shall be working in the health sector and in the education sector. Thus, people now want to see him performing practically other than just mere words. The Country and people outside the country have all cheered Imran Khan on his victory but now his performance would be a question mark.