The Stigma Attached to Mental Health Issues

Pakistanis won’t understand the need for seeking help.


If seeking help for physical damages and issues of organs is okay why does it become problematic to seek help for mental health?


It is considered normal to talk about physical issues but if someone is mentally ill or seeking help from therapists or psychologists the topic is instantly diverted to extreme forms such as being completely insane. However, people need to understand that the patients do not have to be abnormal or a lunatic for seeking treatments for the issues they might be facing.

Mental disorders have become very common these days especially depression and anxiety. 

People seeking professional help are already having a tough time dealing with their problems and as soon as others find out about it especially in a country like Pakistan the problems seem to increase.

Mental illness includes all disorders which often affect thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, emotions and behaviour. One in four people are affected by such disorders and all over the world about 450 million people suffer from such conditions. 

According to world health organisation around 400 psychiatrists exist in 5 psychiatrist hospitals for a population which is over 190 million.

Due to illiteracy, ignorance, urban legends and superstitions various other explanations are believed in when talking about mental illnesses. 

Moreover, in Asian societies, if people realize that someone is ill, it becomes hard to combat such disorders with people constantly telling the patients to “be okay” and “don’t think negatively” for these disorders aren’t the patients fault nor can one just be okay in a spur of a moment. 

Furthermore, young women who face such issues are told to be quite and not talk about it because no one would want to marry a mad girl or the families reputation might be at stake.

Similarly, women who face eating disorders such as anorexia, people in-fact tell them they’re lucky to be this thin which makes them more hesitant to visit doctors. 

The stigma creates more difficulties for all those who require treatment, counselling, therapy and medication. The support of family, friends and the community is essential in such times for the one suffering.

According to researchers, people facing mental health issues even the minor/mild ones do not see doctors because they can’t accept that they might be a victim of a disorder and even if they do, it becomes tough for them to make families/friends understand their situation. 


In conclusion, everyone should realize that people with mental issues are people just like us normal people and the issues that they have are issues just like ours they just need help to deal with them. In order for the society to become supportive and flourish all these stigmas and taboos related to mental illnesses need to be broken so that people aren’t terrified of going to clinics and seeking help professionally.

Remember, seeking help will not only improve their conditions but it will help future generations to overcome their fears and visit doctors if needed.