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The rising star of rap world – Doc_Rap – Haseeb shares teaser of his first video

The rap music industry of Pakistan is not that promoted than that of other countries, therefore, the singers feel hesitated over stepping in the industry.However, some do select to contribute.

Doc_Rap is also an emerging talent of Pakistan’s rap music industry and has shared the first teaser video for his song.


Doc_Rap is a rapper, lyricist, writer and composer. He is actually Doctor Haseeb who studied MBBS in Russia along with practicing music there. He performed live at various events in Russia and also working with big names of rap in Pakistan now.

According to Doc_Rap, “The lyrics are not just writing but are feelings expressed as rap.”

Rap is not something that everybody can do, says the rapper Haseeb.

Moreover, he always mentioned a slogan saying, “Doctor by profession, Rapper by passion”.

Before the unveiling of teaser, he had been sharing the photographs from the shot with interesting captions as mentioned below:


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